Practice for TA-therapy

Practice for TA-therapy

Michelle Giesbert, Psychologist


You might be here because you are experiencing some problems for which you are seeking help.
Such as low self-esteem, people pleasing, trauma, co-dependency or anxiety.

My belief

  • I believe you are free to be who you truly are.
  • I believe you may live in unconditional love for yourself.
  • I believe you are perfect just by being you.


As humans, we have a huge impact on our own lives.
Do you remember a time where you felt great?
Your impact on your days (and on other people around you) may have been very positive.
You may have felt self-confident. Trusting that life would serve you well. You may have enjoyed whatever came about. And even in case of a conflict, you might have been able to stay calm. To put things in perspective. And to let go on without being ‘pulled down.’

So a positive state of being has an impact.

But so do your negative (subconscious) beliefs impact your experiences.
Examples of these might be: perfectionism, feeling responsible for other people’s feelings, feeling unworthy, or not trusting that life ‘has your back.’
In that case, it becomes difficult to find a positive flow. Or to hold on to your positive self-image when somebody is critical of you. Or to simply keep your head up high and look people in the eye.

Problems you may encounter may include:
– people pleasing
– low self-esteem
– co-dependency
– attachment problems
– difficulty in dealing with conflicts
– anxiety
– trauma
– self criticism
– feeling responsible for the feelings of others
– problems in your relationship
– feeling overwhelmed
– stress
– difficulty being assertive

How does it work?

I will first tell you what I will not offer… I will not be another critical voice in your head, as I believe that you have been self-critical and judgmental for too long. Instead, I will stand next to you on your journey and support you wherever you want to go.

I offer both online and face-to-face sessions

I will invite you to explore your story.
To find out what exactly it is that you would like to ‘achieve’ or feel as a result of finding help.
I have a professional background as a psychologists and psychotherapist. And so, if you want, I can offer insights. Insights that help you become the expert on your own thinking, feeling and doing. Through those insights, new options will arise. And you may choose how you want to be in life. Or even better: who you choose to be. For you may experience the Freedom to be who you truly are.

My way of working

I am trained in and used to working with a different range of techniques and methods.
In standing next to you, I will not follow a scripted protocol. Instead I will hear what you would like to understand and achieve and that will help me understand what method suits you best.
Methods I might use are Transactional Analysis, EMDR, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Trauma therapy (such as Felt Sense and Somatic Experiencing) and Non-Violent Communication.

Is treatment covered by my insurance?

As I am located in The Netherlands, people that are insured in this country may be eligible for partial cover of their treatment. Detailed information might be found at fee.

Waiting list

At times I might have a waiting list. Using the ‘contact’ page, you can send me a message to check. Sessions can be arranged on Fridays or Saturdays.