You may choose who you really are

Often, we have learned to adapt to others. Not even consciously so, it is simply part of our culture.
To some extend, this is natural. Of course we like to take others into account!
However, when we forget ourselves in the process, we get out of balance.

Being sensitive to others, the positives:

  • Are you sensitive to the moods and feelings of others?
  • Are you someone who ‘gives space’ to others naturally?
  • Can you perform well under stress (as if you become calm)?
  • Are you a perfectionist?’
  • Are you loyal?
  • Are you patient with others, giving extra chances?
  • Are you intuitive?

These characteristics are powerful and beautiful traits.
But sometimes these properties become unbalanced…

The flip side:

  • Do you adapt to other to the point of not meeting your own needs?
  • Do you ‘people please’ and not realise what your own wishes are?
  • Do you sometimes feel invisible, without claiming your space?
  • Are you patient with another, but are you critical of yourself?
  • Are you so loyal you don’t set healthy boundaries?
  • Do you give others space but not yourself?
  • Do you consider yourself ‘not good enough?’
  • Do you fear conflict, anger and rejection from others?
  • Do you not say what you would like, just to keep the peace?
  • When thinking, do you often find yourself in ‘dialogues’ with others?

The good news is…

You are free to become your true self.
I believe that you are healthy and perfect in your heart and soul.

You too, may experience (your own and others’) empathy, compassion, affection and understanding.
You may become aware of your own feelings.
You may become aware of what you need and get your needs met.
You may become aware of your wants and allow yourself the joy of receiving.
You may live a life in which you keep yourself safe, both physically and emotionally.
A life in which you are free to be yourself.
A life filled with unconditional love.

In fact…

It is up to you to let go of any patterns that no longer suit you.
To consciously decide what you need and want and discuss this.
To set limits when necessary. This might be a bit difficult at first (as it goes against everything you learned). But you are going to determine your own identity through doing it.

Your relationship with yourself

The most powerful foundation for change lies in your relationship with yourself. It may be your ‘sacred mission’ to love yourself unconditionally. To find a ‘simple’ sense of being okay, exactly as you are. To walk through the streets without looking at the ground, but to keep your head up high and with compassion. “Free to be Me!”

If you would me to ‘walk next to you’ and guide you on your journey, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to hear from you.